Wednesday, March 4, 2009

LocaleManager - a practical tool to manage resources files of different locales for Flex and .NET

A problem I have been facing recently during Flex development is that the en_US base locale files change from time to time as new strings are added to codes and it is hard to keep the files for other locales in sync. I couldn't find any simple and free tool like this on the web so I decided to develop it by myself.

This app allows a user to select a base locale and any other locale or locales to work on. Then it displays the name and value of resources in a table. Users can keep track of which entries need to be translated or simply work on this table to fill all the blanks. The changes will be saved with UTF8 encoding.

It supports two types for resource files:
  • .properties files for Java or Flex
  • .resx files for .Net
The assumptions are that users follow the common practices for locale folders: use a separate folder for each locale. So they normally look like:
--- en_US - resource files in English
--- de - resource files in German
--- fr - resource files in French
For .Net Developers, you can refer to my article about ResourceBundle to see how it is possible to organize resource files this way for .Net applications including WPF applications.

This tool can be downloaded from Github.

It is a C# implementation. The sources for the initial version are also available on Google, but later I started using my own svn and the codes on Google are far from the latest.

Here is the link on How to use the tool.

Or see the post on CodeProject.

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