Monday, July 27, 2009

Resource Bundle - An Alternative Way to do localization in .Net

I posted another article on code project. Trying to copy and paste it over here was so much pain because the formatting of the source codes will totally mess up. So I will just post the link over here. I have been thinking about writing this article for a long time but hadn't found a good time earlier. Without that article, LocaleManger simply doesn't make sense to .Net developers because .Net resource files are not organized the way like Java or Flex. That article shows how localization can be done with a ResourceBundle class in .Net applications, with a walk through for both a WinForm application and a WPF application.


  1. We tried to use LocaleManager in our .NET projects without this ResourceBundle to start with. Maybe we will use it in future if everything works fine.
    However, when LocaleManager for some resource files it crashes.
    Then we downloaded the source files to debug, but the source was for an older version which does not support saving .NET resource files.
    It could open them without crashing, though...

    So, do you have a corrected version, or could we have the source for the version covering .NET resource files?

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